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Affidavit of D.J. McGuire on Behalf of Shi Jun

D.J. McGuire

Affidavit of D.J. McGuire

President: China Support Network

In re Shi Jun

I am writing to oppose the deportation of Shi Jun.

As a member of the China Democracy Party, Shi has openly expressed his opposition to the Communist regime. The regime does not treat its opponents lightly. The recent news of the Sujiatun organ-harvesting camp is the latest evidence of that. If he is returned to Communist China, Shi is certain to be jailed and tortured, if not killed. This alone should be enough reason to stop his deportation.

However, there are other reasons, equally valid, that Shi should be allowed to stay in the U.S. If he is returned, the Chinese Communist Party can use his case as an example to dissidents at home. The message will be clear: the CCP can always find you, get you, and snatch you back; it can even convince the world's most powerful democracy to help. Is this the message we want to send those struggling for freedom and democracy in China?

Moreover, the Communists will be able to use the same message to the Chinese-American community, with far more immediate damage to the United States. Not only will Chinese-Americans become more fearful of exercising their rights ĘC freedom of expression, religion, and association, for example ĘC but they will also become more susceptible to Communist "recruitment" for espionage. Many of the CCP's "spies" in the ethnic Chinese community are not acting out of love for the Communist regime, but instead out of fear of it. How many more Chinese-Americans will be intimidated into becoming cogs in the Communist espionage machine if the regime can use the Shi Jun case as an example of what awaits those who do not cooperate? What damage to America's security will result from these acts of espionage committed under duress?

For all of these reasons, Mr. Shi's deportation would benefit neither the Chinese nor the American people. Only the Communists would gain from it. Therefore, I ask that Mr. Shi to be allowed to stay in the United States.

(03/16/2006 1:24)

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