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Affidavit on Behalf of Shi Jun for His Parole Request

Shengde Lian


To whom it may concern:

My name is Shengde Lian, currently residing at XXXXXXXXX.

I was one of the student leaders in the pro-democracy movement in Tian An Man Square in 1989. I was immediately arrested after the Beijing Massacre where hundreds or even thousands of students and citizens had been killed by the totalitarian regime in Beijing. I was put in jail for nearly two years by the Chinese Communist government before I was released in 1991. I came to USA in 1994 and was granted political asylum in 1996 and am a permanent resident since 2000.

I have been one of the co-founders of Free China Movement, which is composed of around 30 pro-democracy and human rights organizations in 1998 and has been the executive director since 1998.

I am aware that Mr. Shi Jun of 1533 E. 47th St., Cleveland, OH 44103-2401has been detained by the U.S. Immigration Department, Cleveland Office when he was sent there by his previous lawyer to pick up his work permit on February 2, 2006. Mr. Shi Jun is now in Bedford Hts., Ohio jail (telephone 440-786-3254) and could be deported to China where he could again be jailed since he was involved in the Chinese Democracy Movement at Tiananmen Square before he came to the U.S. and became a leader of the Chinese Democracy Party Overseas since the formation of the party in mainland China in 1998.

I was told that the Chinese Embassy has issued Mr. Shi a passport without an ID number in order to identify him as a person holding a different political opinion.

Mr. Shi Jun has worked at the U.S. Postal Service in Cleveland for about seven years and has a great record there. He was trying to bring his wife and son to the U.S. from China to join him. It was noticed that neither Mr. Shi nor his lawyer had received the rejection of his application for political asylum a few years ago. It could be the mistake not at Mr. Shi's fault that caused him to lose his legal status in USA.

I have worked with Mr. Shi on several occasions such as the campaign led by Free China Movement and some members of the Congress to lobby against the unconditional PNTR to Red China in 2000. Mr. Shi has also been the leading member of North American Branch of China Democracy Party since its inception in 1998 and he still holds the title of the chairman of this organization. Mr. Shi had also participated or helped to organize many public demonstrations against the Chinese human rights abuses and published pro-democracy comments and articles on the Internet in the last few years.

Mr. Shi had many discussions on the organizational plans with me to mobilize the peaceful underground resistance against the communist regime in mainland China in the last few years since he became the leader of China Democracy Party North American Branch. I know that his family had suffered due to his pro democracy work overseas and in mainland China. For example, I was aware that his father was killed in a strange car accident a few years ago where the persons responsible had never been arrested or investigated by the authority.

According to the sad reality that anyone who openly opposes the Communist regime in China would certainly experience political persecution, we are deeply concerned Mr. Shi would be tortured if he is deported to China. Thus we call for INS to carefully evaluate Mr. Shi's case and provide him due process of law and stop sending Mr. Shi to the prison camp of the Red China.

I would like to plead to U.S. Immigration Department to stop the deportation of Mr. Shi Jun back to China where he would certainly be tortured by the regime.

For more information, please do not hesitate to call me at 703-864-9304 or email at


Shengde Lian

Executive Director

Free China Movement

Tel: 703 8649304


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