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Forum: "Nine Commentaries on Chinese Communist Party"

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Forum: "Nine Commentaries on Chinese Communist Party"

The Epoch Times recently published an editorial series entitled, "Nine Commentaries On The Communist Party," that provided a fresh, new view of the only remaining Communist country of real significance, China. The writers for the series sought to view the role of the Chinese Communist Party from a more comprehensive, fundamental, and rational standpoint than previous commentators. Now, in the Washington, D.C. area, scholars and specialists on China, foreign relations experts, and celebrities in the Chinese community gather together to share their understandings of these comments.

Time: December 4, 2004, Saturday, 2~5:30pm

Location: Hearing Room (3rd floor), County Council Office Building, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, Maryland

Keynote Speakers:

v Dr. Chu-cheng Ming: Professor/Former Chairman, Political Sciences Dept., National Taiwan U.; Fulbright Scholar, George Washington U.

v Dr. Kuide Chen: Executive Director, Princeton China Institute; Chief Editor, <OBSERVE CHINA>.

v Dr. Ho-I Wu: First Chairman, Board of Directors, Global Alliance for Democracy and Peace; Former Chairman, CBBA-DC

v Mr. Ning Ye: Human Rights Attorney

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