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Chinese Democratic Party's Overseas Exiles Headquarters Established


Press Release:

Chinese Democratic Party's Overseas Exiles Headquarters Established;

122 Prominent Dissident in China Voice Their Congratulations

[Caring for China Center news, December 3, 2004 (Beijing time)]

The Overseas Exiles Headquarters of the Chinese Democratic Party is

formally established as of December 3, 2004 in Providence, RI.

The HQ is established in response to the difficult political situation

in China and in anticipation of potential changes in the near future in

Chinese politics.

Exiled CDP members have also taken this step to further serve their

colleagues in China and other activists everywhere. Planning for the HQ

began long before November of this year, when organization began in

earnest. In the process of organizing we have received assistance and

support from many CDP members and others. Under their collective leadership,

votes taken on December 1 formulated temporary articles and bylaws for

the HQ and elected its leaders. Participants in these votes include CDP

branches and other organizations in Britain, France, Germany, Sweden,

Ireland, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia,

Eastern United States, Western United States, and our Shanghai-affiliated

office in New York.

The CDP has always received strong support from dissidents in China

while it planned and organized its Overseas Exiles Headquarters. On the

occasion of the HQ's formal establishment, 122 prominent dissidents have

jointly voiced their congratulations. We would like sincerely to thank

all of our associates and supporters in China and abroad for everything

they have done, and we will continue to struggle together to realize a

China that is ruled by law, constitutional, republican, united, and


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