Lorge Endorsed by Free China Movement and 30 Pro-Democracy Groups

Lorge Campaign

Lorge Campaign: Lorge Endorsed by Free China Movement and 30 Pro-Democracy Groups


Republican Robert Gerald Lorge, LORGE FOR WISCONSIN, United States Senate 2004 Campaign announced today that Robert Gerald Lorge has been endorsed by the Free China Movement and 30 other Pro Democracy Groups around the world today in his bid to replace the democrat incumbent in Wisconsin's hotly contested Republican Primary.

Shengde Lian Executive Director of the Free China Movement endorsed Robert Gerald Lorge's candidacy in correspondence to the Lorge Campaign as follows:

"Dear Mr. Robert Gerald Lorge:

We at Free China Movement would like to let you know that we support your campaign and especially those ideas expressed in this email.

Thank you for standing up for the interests of the people who are not free and have few to concern about their rights to live a full human being.

You can use our name as endorsement to your campaign. Free China Movement is a coalition of more than 30 pro democracy and human rights organizations around the world!


Shengde Lian

Executive Director

Free China Movement"

Robert Gerald Lorge released the following statement urging the immediate release by the Communist Chinese Regime in Peking (Beijing) of Huang Jinqiu who has been under arrest by the Chinese Government since September 2003:

"I, Robert Gerald Lorge as Wisconsin's Next United States Senator will fight to defend the rights of ALL People to Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.

I believe that the People of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Tibet, and each and every province of China, and Southeast Asia deserve to Live in Freedom.

I will support the Right of the People to Self Determination. I will stand firmly and solidly as a defender of Taiwan, whatever decision its People make in free elections, whether it is Independence, or a Continuation of the One China Two Systems Policy, or other choice if it is a free choice of the People and their duly elected representatives.

This is THEIR DECISION to make, not to impose upon them by the Communist Chinese Regime or from any other government or by the special interests of multi-national corporations engage in the Communist Chinese Slave Trade which is also destroying American Jobs and moving factories to China daily due to Slave Labor conditions there.

Equally deplorable is the attempts by the Communist Chinese Regime to use the excess of $500 Billion Dollar Trade Deficit with the United States as blackmail against the already weak U.S. Dollar, and to attempt to acquire modern weapons from and in spite of an embargo by the European Union following atrocities at Tinnamen Square decades ago. Who will the Chinese use these weapons against that they now seek from Europe and to be purchased with American Dollars except against Taiwan or America and its Allies in the Region such as Japan Korea, Pakistan, India, Singapore, or the Philippines? If China truly desires peace, it should not seek new weapons, but should spend its money on its own People, improving their standard of living. This China will not do, because material prosperity, China Fears will breed thoughts of Freedom and Liberty and threaten the outmoded regime in China. The Communist Chinese Regime unlike the old Soviet Union is being propped up by U.S. Dollars from their slave labor and slave trade economic policies.

Like ALL People, the Chinese deserve to be free. The Republican Party, to which I belong, was founded 150 years ago on the basic principle that All People are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights. Foremost of these Rights is the Right of Freedom and Liberty.

America under President Abraham Lincoln fought a Great War, the Civil War, to ensure that All People would live Free.

Today we face another form of Slavery, the Slavery imposed on millions and millions of People living in China and Asia and elsewhere around the World. We must today decide if our Party, The Republican Party still stands for Freedom, or Slavery. Free Trade is not Free, it is not Fair Trade it is Communist Chinese Slave Trade.

I will free China.

Slavery Anywhere IS Slavery Everywhere. We must Promote Our American Ideals of Freedom Everywhere. I will do this, with the help of my friends, in America and Abroad, God and the People Willing." Robert Gerald Lorge stated.


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