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Stop CCP's Machination of Poisoning Chinese Community in North America

Zhongxiao Wang

It has been quite a long time that Chinese Communist Party's regime involves in the public Chinese media in North America. Through nowadays Iraqi War, any righteous Chinese resident in the States is able to realize that, CCP's deep involvement in the public Chinese media has seriously poisoned Chinese community and puts a great danger on the States' security. It is fitting and proper for the federal government of the United States to take immediate action to stop CCP's vicious machination.

Being a country of freedom, the States indeed allows different voices, which naturally provides people with abilities to absorb or deny any kind of thought and propaganda. However, it has a prerequisite that citizens really can and are willing to face variety of voices. If a community can not face other voices simply because of language barrier, if its people are subjectively not willing to pay cable TV programs and newspapers, if they are happy to pay only one time at low price on satellite TV receiving device so as to enjoy permanent free service from a single source, or, if they are willing to accept only free newspaper published by some unilateral source, then, although living in an open nation, the people will be limited only to a unilateral voice. Unfortunately, unilateral voice is almost always related to dictatorship and monocracy. Most of the people hearing unilateral voice for years are easily controlled by twisted facts about the world and history and, thus, tend to be extremists and become an obedient and malicious tool in the hands of the evil regime.

It is a pity to find out that Chinese community outside Mainland China is such kind of a community as mentioned above. Of course, the evil CCP regime has been very happy with the sad fact. As a result, the cheap Small Ear, a kind of satellite TV program receiving device made by China, is so popular that almost each Chinese family in the States has one installed and, therefore, channels of China Central Television (CCTV) delivers tons of endless falsehood into the ears of hundreds of thousands of Chinese immigrants. At the same time, many public Chinese newspapers in the States accept secretly financial support from CCP regime. As a sad result, there have been so many choices of newspapers freely available in China Towns all over the States that it is a fabulous phenomenon I have never seen at other places. Watching such TV programs and reading such newspapers for years, any immigrant will surely feel that he or she is still living in mainland China under the control of CCP. Thus, it is out of question that anyone who is objectively not able to or is subjectively unwilling to accept other public media will stand firmly behind CCP and criticize unreasonably the Afghanistan War, the Iraqi War and whatever the States does, or simply takes pleasure in any misfortune of the States, although he has tried his best to enjoy the physical life in the States, and even be proud of obtaining the green card and citizenship of the States.

Actually, I am sure that, having been brainwashed with public media and textbooks controlled by CCP, immigrants of recent 20 years would have been leaders of demonstrators against Iraqi War and become so-called anti-war heroes if they lost their cowardice and selfishness trained by CCP regime in China since their childhood. Am I arrogant by saying so? Let me show you a story. One of my friends called me from another city and declared that I am a betrayer of Chinese people here in the States since all of the Chinese people she knew were unanimously and strongly against the Iraqi War! My God, I truly got very sad with what she said and wondered if there is hope for China to be reborn. How can so many people forget tremendous amount of monstrous sins against humanity committed by the ruthless CCP's monocracy to Chinese people and even what they themselves once suffered in China? Although any war will cause casualty of innocent civilians, how could they naively take it as an ostentatious excuse to forgive the persecutions and mass slaughters committed by the atrocious dictator towards his hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the peaceful years? How can they forgive Tiananmen Massacre in 1989 when we students and civilians were undergoing nonviolence demonstration? Did we deserve the bloody suppression by machine guns and tanks of the old dictator?

Admittedly, it's the nature of human beings to have special love feelings towards their motherland. However, CCP's public media has twisted the soul and spirit of Chinese people and should not be allowed to continue to poison the thought of Chinese immigrants outside China. Indubitably, a true patriot will always behave through concrete actions. For example, he will make more donations of his money and energy to his motherland than others and even appear in the disaster area if great disaster is occurring there. Unfortunately, CCP's long years of obscurantist policy has terribly produced generations of selfish, egotistic and callous people. What Chinese students in America did in and after the Tiananmen Student Movement in 1989 is a vividly good example. I once stayed in Tiananmen Square day and night for about two whole weeks just before the Tiananmen Massacre, which gave me a special chance to see their nature and personality. It was broadcasted one afternoon by the student radio station on the Square that all Chinese students and scholars in Columbia University donated totally $400 for the Movement in Beijing. My first impression was that it was too little. Soon after my arrival in the States, I had to exclaim at how mean they were, without saying that students in so many other universities even donated nothing at all. But almost all the Chinese students in the States, each would and will declare himself a patriot in words, realized all of a sudden that they were given a big free gift by the CCP regime when it suppressed the Student Movement by machine gun and tank. They became so active, so bold and so full of energy in their effort to take advantage of the blood and life of the young victims of June 4th Massacre for their beloved Green Cards. I have to associate that unrighteous (if it's not evil) behavior with the evil CCP regime. It is well known that CCP has always highly eulogized its leadership after the nation painfully survives each of its man-made disasters at great price. In fact, tons of vituperations were brought in when I wrote articles on Chinese Internet forums in North America to call for donation of blood, money and time for the victims of 911 immediately after the disaster happened. When I sent such message to Chinese students and scholars at my school, one guy anonymously replied angrily that my name should be deleted from the list of Chinese students and scholars, and another guy, bravely using his true email address, ferociously declared that, "I am glad to be happy, you are allowed to be sad, but don't cry in front of me!" My God, who will believe that there are any true patriots among such kind of so-called social elites? And who will respect them from the bottom of their heart? A true patriot will love his neighbors and friends. In a word, he must be philanthropic.

The bad effect of CCP supported public media is to twist people's feelings between their motherland and their new nationality. It is clear that to love one's motherland does not mean that one can betray the nation of which he becomes a citizen. In fact, who forces you to be naturalized to a nation you hate so much? To join a nation is just like to join a small group of special interest. It's your duty to be loyal to the group you yourself decide to join. If the nation is hurting your motherland, you can solemnly give up your new nationality and return to your motherland; you can also protest legally; or, simply keep your feelings in your heart if, like most other selfish cowards, you enjoy very much the physical life here but have a little bit of true feelings toward your motherland. Otherwise, you should understand that any betrayal you commit toward a nation will not only be disliked by its people but also be strictly punished by the law; furthermore, the loyalty of all Chinese immigrants will be suspected and their survival outside China will become more difficult. It is worth mentioning that to hope to take benefits from both China and the States is somewhat a kind of popular disloyalty. Indeed, there are many who are indulging themselves with such an unrighteous dream.

Finally, public media must take the duty of positively educating and affecting people and, thus, helping build a perfect society. For Chinese media outside China, they should be helpful for new Chinese immigrants to understand and adapt themselves to the new living environment in aspects like politics, economics, culture, tradition and customs, weaken and eliminate the baneful influence of Chinese Communist Party, restore humanity, join the social mainstream, and contribute nobly their wisdom and diligence to the new community and the new country while pursuing their personal happiness, which will win them respects of the whole society. Obviously, public media controlled by CCP go right in the opposite direction. What they do is desperately to harm Chinese community here and have Chinese immigrants disliked and rejected by the mainstream.

Therefore, we seriously call for immediate action from the federal government of the United States. Please investigate the financial sources of Chinese public media in the United States, inhibit the illegal involvement of CCP, and ban those public media financed and controlled by CCP. The United States government can also take steps to ban CCTV programs in the States simply because CCP bans all foreign TV programs in China. Of course, the States can make state bargains with CCP regime by asking for a fair and equivalent permission for America's newspapers and TV programs to distribute FREELY and OPENLY in CIVILIAN society of China, and for the Voice of America (VOA) to reach Chinese people without any MAN-MADE signal interference. If CCP fails to do so, the United States is provided with enough reasons to conclude that CCP regime has committed de facto invasion of the United States in the fields of public media and ideology.

Indeed, freedom is the most precious of human life. But it must not be given to those whose existence is a big threat to civilization. We should not give it to evil men and evil regimes. Iraqi War has successfully taken away the freedom from Saddam's tyrannical regime and given back freedom to Iraqi people, over which all the peace-loving people over the world rejoiced. It is out of question that the United States has the right to deprive any evil regime of the freedom in the States to spread fallacies to poison people. Of course, doing so will improve the homeland security of the United States.


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