--Reality Check: Can the People's Republic of China, with long history of systematically proliferating mass destruction technology, of masterminding and supporting international terrorism, be a reliable ally to democracies, in their fight against international terrorism, without going through institutional democratization?--

A public forum on China's past, present and Future; In the Wake of September 11 Terrorist Attacks

DATE: OCTOBER 11, 2001

TIME: 10:30 am to 4:00 pm

PLACE: Rm. #B0340 Rayburn House Building

(At Capitol South Metro Station, Blue/Orange Line)

Invited Keynote Speakers:

Morning Session: (Moderator: Richard Long, Shengde Lian)

Wei Jingsheng: Opening Address of Greetings 10:30am Messages from China Prodemocracy Movement

Thomas Yale: Is September 11 Terrorist Attack a Prelude to 10:40am

So-Called "China Century"? An Experiment/Rehearsal

of Asymmetrical Warfare (Beyond Maximum Limit-

ation War Targeting the United States) Theory?

George Lister Our Fight for Human Rights 10:50am

(Dept. of State)

Bill Gertz: The Ultimate Source of 11:00am

Strategic Threats Against Freedom

John Hemenway: Review of U.S. China Policy Since 1945 11:30am

Dimon Liu Short Run "Ally" and Long Run Lethal 11:40am

Adversary Against Mankind

Question and Answers: 11:50am


Lunch Break for Reception 12:10pm

Afternoon Session: (Moderator: Ning Ye, Dimon Liu)

Peng Ming : Taking the Task of Democratizing China Seriously 12:40pm

Gordon Chang: The Coming Collapse of China 12:50pm

(the author: Coming Collapse of China )

YU, Maochun Asymmetrical Warfare (AW) and Beyond--PRC's 1:10pm

Challenge to U.S. Military Strategy

Richard Fisher September 11th Terrorist Attack Should Not 1:40pm

Shift our Attention to a Growing Strategic

Threats against our National Security

Richard Long: Brief Introduction about the PLA's "Beyond 2:00pm

Maximum Limitation Warfare" Strategy

By PLA Colonels Qiao Liang, Wang Xiangsui

Er-Ping Zhang Falungong is a Peaceful Movement: Detest 2:10pm

Falungong PRC s Defamation Against FaLungong

Jianli Yang "Say-Nos" Story and Its Background, A Growing 2:20pm

Noise of Anti-America Ultra-Nationalism in PRC

Nawang Rabgyal The Nature of Tibetans' Struggle 2:30pm

Rep. For His Holi-

ness Dalai Lama

Al Santoli Support for Institutional Democratization 2:40pm

Tim Cooper Human Rights: Our Strategic Resources 2:50pm

Joseph Bosco The Moment of Truth-China's Choice 3:00pm

S.T. Tian PRC/CCP/PLA Information Debriefing 3:10pm

from PRC On the Most Recent Development

Questions & Answers 3:20pm

Conclusion of Seminar 4:00pm

Speeches by the Honorable Members of Congress, and Other Honorable Guest Speakers will be Scheduled During the Seminar In Order To Meet Their Busy Schedules

Lunch Reception and Beverage Are Accommodated

This Seminar is jointly sponsored by Mr. Wei Jingsheng and Mr. Peng Ming The Following Co-Sponsors are:

The Federal China Development Committees (Formerly "CDU")

Overseas Chinese Democracy Momvement Coalition

Free China Movement

VIP Reference Electronic Daily

The Conference Hall for this Seminar is provided under the Sponsorship of

Honorable Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

This event is funded by Law Offices of Hemenway & Associates

Dissemination and sales of related books and handouts are welcome.

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