Zhao Pinlu Memorial Fund


Zhao Pinlu Memorial Fund

Mr. Zhao Pinlu passed away at 12:20 PM on March 9, 2004 in New York Hospital of Queens. He was born on October 13,1956.

Brief history of Mr. Zhao¡¯s contribution in the democracy movement

He was one of the five key labor leaders in 1989 Tian An Men pro democracy movement and was on the most wanted list after the June 4 Massacre in Beijing. He escaped to Hong Kong with the help from the people in main land China and Hong Kong in 1992.

He continued to lead the independent labor movement in main land China as the Chair of International Association of Chinese Workers upon his arrival in USA in 1992.

He was also one of the key co-founders of Free China Movement coalition in the belief that with unity and coordination we can further challenge the illegal totalitarian rule of CCP in main land China. He was the President of FCM between 2000 and 2001.

Mr. Zhao dedicated most his time and energy to work for the rights of his people who are still suffering in China while working different jobs to help support his sick wife and son.

Mr. Zhao left nothing to his family upon his death except with the debt of more than $20,000.

Mr. Zhao¡¯s wife cannot afford the monthly rent of $800 in Flushing, NYC because her monthly income would be no more than $1000 working in a clothing factory while she has serious diabetes and high blood pressure.

Donation to Support Mr. Zhao¡¯s family

A trust fund has been set up on behalf of Mr. Zhao and his family and you are welcome to make tax-deductible donation to the fund while check.

Zhao Pinlu Memorial Fund

Non-profit tax ID 04-3319799

United Bank

1801 Reston PKY

Reston VA 20190-9884

Trustee: Dr. Li Jinjin, Lian Shengde, Fang Nengda and Ye Ning

Please note that all donations will be tax deductible and will be forwarded to Mr. Zhao's wife except the expense of memorial service.

Purpose of the Trust Fund

The trust fund will be used for:

1. Cost of memorial related services, budget $4000

2. Delivery of ashes to Beijing for burial: $2000 to $3000

3. Assistance of Mr. Zhao's wife who has serious illness including high blood pressure and diabetes and who can work only on clothing factory earning about 6 dollars an hour;

4. Assistance to Mr. Zhao¡¯s 20-year-old son on his education cost.

Initial donation received in the order of time of receiving as of March 10, 2004:

Shengde Lian $1000

Li Jinjin $1600 and another $1000, which has been given to Zhao's father already

Ye Ning $1400

Fang Nengda $100

Yu Haochen $100

Si Malu and Ge Yang $200

Liu Qin and Han Xiaorong $200

Huang Hua Gang Magazine $1000

Arthur Liu $1000

More to be added once donation procedure is complete

Please contact Dr. Li Jinjin at 646 732 8299 or Shengde Lian at 703 864 9304 for more information.


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